First things first – I dearly miss you all.

I have owned and operated RE:FORM Body Clinic for over 12 years, and during this time I have met so many incredible people… and this includes you! You – my patients – are the reason I get up in the morning and the reason I opened my clinic doors in 2008, so it is a very sad day when I cannot be there day in and day out to help you and your families keep healthy.

It has been over two months since the clinic has been closed and this has been a really hard time for me. Some days have been a struggle – fatigue, loss of purpose and direction – some days are just plain hard! This whole experience has confirmed what I have always felt – that I was born to do this! That’s why I miss you all so much… helping my community live their healthiest lives is my purpose. I just can’t wait to be back to see you all.

This experience has also reinforced just how important a regular adjustment is. I really miss my weekly adjustment and no matter how much I stretch/heat/roll, it is just not correcting the problem. I will be thrilled to be back seeing my Chiropractor for my weekly adjustment asap. And rest assured I will also be booking a few make up adjustments!

Re-entry is the new word in my practice – things cannot and won’t look the same when we open. I am closely watching BC and Manitoba as Chiropractic clinics are starting to open up. I will also be integrating the recent information released by the Ontario Government and our governing body. Please bear with me as we get open – we will be making changes in scheduling and booking and we will be re-organizing our reception area to ensure we are able to maintain a safe and healthy distance. We will be taking every health precaution with additional cleaning, sterilizing, hand sanitizing, etc. We will also be following public health guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (such as masks).

I want you to rest easy and be reassured that keeping everyone healthy, safe and calm is my number one priority. Kailey and I are working hard to make sure you feel safe and comfortable coming back in for care as soon as possible. Many of you have reached out with questions and concerns and we have worked hard to address them. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable or guide you through this reopening process. Please stay tuned for more information as this process unfolds over the next few weeks.

Until then, I hope you are staying healthy and well. This stressful time has definitely impacted me, Kailey and the boys, so I can only imagine that you are also anxiously awaiting the world to open back up a little bit – and obviously for your next adjustment! I look forward to resuming your care and restoring your health as move into this next phase of ‘living with COVID’.

Sending you all big a big virtual hug,