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Our intake and adjustment plan is a unique approach to achieving and maintaining optimal health.

Today in Canada, and the rest of the western world, the priority in health care is to help people after they are already sick. That is a backwards approach to health care, and it is why as a nation we are getting sicker and sicker. Recently a medical researcher stated it plainly, "We are not living longer we are dying longer." In other words, we have the capacity to keep people alive for longer and longer durations, but the majority of these people do not have a good quality of life. They cannot do most of the things that would allow them to live fulfilling lives.

Wouldn't it be great if we could work at staying healthy, instead of waiting to get sick? What if we could role back the biological clock on the average Canadian? What if 50 really was the new 40? Or 60 was the new 50?

What if we could set up a system to allow you to do things at the age of 50 that you thought were impossible to do at the age of 40, or 30 for that matter?

That is exactly what our intake and exam process is designed to do. We are here to help you live longer and healthier, not die longer'!!

How does our intake and exam process work?

1. Health Dangers - Discovery

Unique questions will lead to new answers.

We will begin by looking at the current state of your health and wellness. In essence, how are you doing right now? We will also ask you some detailed questions about your history and your family health history.

It is important to understand that your current health problem started years ago and was multi-factorial in origin. The only exception would be an acute trauma like a car accident or severe sports injury. Even with acute traumas the extent of the injuries is most often dependent on your health before the accident. Your answers to the following questions offer up clues to what dangers your body is currently encountering and will give us a base line for comparison to future outcomes.

2. Disease Causation - Analysis

We will explore which lifestyle factors are affecting your overall health and your ability to live fully alive.

It is a well-known fact that 80% of the risk factors for the two most feared killers; heart disease and cancer, are lifestyle related. The same is true for the majority of chronic illnesses affecting patients today.

Let's get started in understanding your problem and finding a solution.

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