RE:FORM News #37 – Happy 2017 everyone!

I hope that the first week of 2017 has be awesome and that you are all on track for the best year ever!

For many, the start of a new year is the time to take stock, to RE:VIEW and RE:SET all aspects of life including: diet, exercise, health, relationships, work and life in general.

Whew – that is a big list! How do you do this without getting totally overwhelmed? Well, I will tell you what I am doing right now to make sure my life is going in the direction that I want it to… I could make it very complicated for myself… but I won’t… I am keeping things simple and am going back to basics.

Diet: focus on clean eating – no fancy diet plan – just being mindful of what I am putting in my body and choosing fresh, healthy and clean foods as much as I can.

Exercise: I am carving out specific times in my calendar 4x/week for exercise. I will book these in like any other appointment I can’t miss. What I do during that time doesn’t matter as much as long as I am moving my body, raising my heartrate and hopefully having fun!

Health: Taking care of my body from the inside out – starting at the core – which is the nervous system and spine. I am making sure that my regular adjustments are also booked in my calendar every week.

Relationships: Life is busy with 3 kids (another on the way), demanding jobs and juggling everything else life has to bring. It is easy to forget about the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. I actually book this into my calendar as well. My wife and I have a standing ‘date night’. This doesn’t mean going out on the town… sometime it just means collapsing on the couch for a few rounds of cards while we catch up, reconnect and laugh. I also carve out time to spend one on one time with each of my kids and try to plan as many activities as I can together where we can be outside, getting exercise and doing things we love (winter means downhill skiing!)

Work: At RE:FORM I am working hard with our team to refine our procedures so we can give our patients the amazing care and support they deserve on their journeys to greater health. I am also working hard to get out into the community to speak to as many people as I can about finding true health.

Life in General: This is the hardest one for me…I carve out a little time each week to reflect plan and dream big! It is so easy get caught up in day to day living that we forget that we also have incredible opportunities to grow, learn and experience new things. My family and I have big short and long term goals and I like to take time every week to reflect on those goals and to make sure my daily actions are leading me towards them – and not away from them.

So… this is what I am doing to live the happiest, healthiest and most amazing life I can! I hope that some of this resonates with you as you go into this next year of your amazing lives.

Have a happy and healthy holiday and I hope that 2017 is amazing for each and every one of you!

Have a healthy day!
Dr. Martin