RE:FORM News #39 – The Doctor of the Future… is now?

A couple of weeks ago I read an article that Health Canada was warning Canadians that this was a brutal flu season and that we should all be prepared.

I thought this would be a perfect time to congratulate all of you – my amazing patients – for taking great natural steps to boost your immune systems and protect your health!
Did you know that Chiropractic can help boost the immune system, therefore helping with colds and flu?

Studies have shown that children and adults who receive chiropractic care have fewer colds, ear infections and flu. In fact, chiropractic care was first linked to improved immunity during the deadly flu epidemic of 1919 and 1918. The interesting part was, Chiropractic patients fared much better than the rest of the population. The data reported was that flu victims under chiropractic care had an estimated .25 percent death rate, compared to victims under traditional medical care (5-6% death rate).

More recent studies have shown that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher just 15 minutes after a chiropractic adjustment! A similar study investigated the immune system response in HIV-positive patients under chiropractic care. After six months of treating spinal misalignments, the group receiving chiropractic treatments showed a 48% increase in white blood cell counts. Conversely, the group that did not receive adjustments experienced a 7.96% decrease in immunity cells.

So how does this all work? Our immune system is coordinated and controlled by the nervous system, just like every other system in our body. As most of you know, Chiropractic care corrects subluxations in your spine (misalignments in the joints that put pressure on the nerves and interfere with the nervous system). Nervous system interference does not allow the body and in this case, the immune system, to function normally.

During an immune response, the brain and the nervous system communicate with each other and if the nervous system is not functioning, the immune system cannot function at 100%. When the immune system is not functioning at 100%, the body becomes susceptible to bacteria, viruses and illness. With chiropractic care, we remove the subluxations and nerve interference, therefore boosting immune system function!

So the next time you want to cancel your chiropractic appointment because you are under the weather, remember that a chiropractic adjustment might be just what the doctor ordered!

A wise man once said… “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

Have a healthy week and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Dr. Martin