RE:FORM News #41 – Always Remember… Your Focus Determines your Reality!

Always Remember… Your Focus Determines your Reality!

A couple of weeks ago, Kailey and I attended an incredible seminar surrounded by some of the best Chiropractors (and their teams) in the country. It was an incredibly enriching and inspiring day, and even though the focus was on Chiropractic, so many of the lessons we learned are 100% relevant to every aspect of all of our lives.

One concept really struck home with me and I want to share it with all of you.

Dr. Ed (who was leading the seminar) asked us all to think about how focused we are in our lives and to rate our level of focus on a scale from 1 to 10. He then surveyed the room and most people said they were about a 6 or 7. Dr. Ed then said ‘WRONG! You are all at a 10!’ He then went on to explain that we are all 100% focused – all the time – on something. What determines our success, our happiness, our fulfillment is WHAT we are focused on.

Our focus is the center of our interests and activities and whatever we focus on will MULTIPLY – good or bad. This was such a powerful concept for me and I want to share it with all of you.

Focus on pain – we feel more pain…

Focus on what we don’t have – we will continue to see what we don’t have…

Focus on unhappiness and there is no way we will find joy…

Focus on resentment, bitterness, anger – it will fester and grow…

Instead… take pain and use it as a sign that your body is talking to you… listen and take active steps to better your health.

When you are thinking about what you don’t have or are lacking – immediately shift your focus and spend a few moments being grateful, thinking of all the wonderful things you do have.

There is so much joy to be found every single day – in the simplest of things… but your mind and heart have to be open to seeing them. Your focus has to be on seeking out beauty, happiness and peace.

Instead of being angry, resentful or bitter… forgive… lead with love and move forward. Surround yourself with people who build you up and let everyone else go.

Yes – SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE – but I think it is something we can all reflect upon on a regular basis. We can all be aware of where we put our focus and remember that those are the areas of our lives that will multiply and thrive!

I hope you all have an amazing week and look forward to seeing you soon,
Yours in health,
Dr. Martin