RE:FORM News #42 – Chiropractic and Valentine’s Day

Many of you may be wondering what the connection could be between chiropractic and Valentine’s Day? It’s simple – chiropractic removes interference which lets us connect.

Chiropractic fosters internal connections as it lets your brain and body communicate with each other without interference. And internal connections in turn foster external connections which let us communicate better with those around us.

When we feel good about ourselves, it is so much easier to feel good about others. The more connected we are to ourselves, the more we can connect with others through sharing love, intimacy, openness and honesty. When we are healthy, relaxed, emotionally grounded and flexible, we naturally reflect our true state to those around us… we radiate joy, hope, optimism, compassion and LOVE!

It is so simple… the happier you are the healthier you are and the longer you will live. And happiness and health are all about being connected – inside and out!

So get your regular adjustments and make sure your internal connections are interference free! Then get out there and build amazing external connections and have a happy and fulfilling life!

I don’t often quote the bible, but I don’t think it can be said better: “Let all that you do be done in love…” Corinthians 1 – 6-14

This is such a powerful statement that resonates with every fiber of my being… If we do this, our lives will be amazing, on every level. How could they not?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone,

Yours in health – and love!

Dr. Martin