RE:FORM News – Spring into Health!

… Get Active… Get Moving… Get Healthy!

It looks like spring is finally here! Our rainy forecast will hopefully wash away lots of the snow and dirt and make way for green grass and springtime fun. The change of seasons is a great time to RE:SET and RE:FOCUS when it comes to our health and health goals.

Gardening, hiking, biking, spring cleaning, or just getting outside… spring is a great season for activity and trying new things. This spring I want to encourage all of my patients to try at least ONE healthy lifestyle change a week to boost and promote your health.

Spring into health with a positive mental attitude! Many of us feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired and bogged down with everyday life. However, studies show that appreciative people are happier – and therefore healthier! Journaling things we are grateful for is a fantastic way to keep a positive outlook! Try it for yourself by starting a gratitude journal. I carve out each time this morning before the house wakes up to pause, reflect, give thanks and plan my day.

Spring into health with a proper diet! Eating fruits and vegetables when they are in season has an amazing effect on your body! For the next few weeks, try adding ONE more fruit or veggie to each meal, like: citrus, spinach, artichokes, bok choy, radishes and rhubarb! My family and I enjoy green smoothies every morning. We are always adding new things in the blender depending what we find at the store. Yum!

Spring into health with regular exercise! Movement is life in the body so regular movement is key to good health. If you are not so regular in your exercise routine, walking is a GREAT way to get your body moving and spring is a perfect time to get outside and explore! Get outside and enjoy the incredible beauty of the Ottawa region! This weekend Kailey, the boys and I are off to explore a local sugar bush. Bring on the hiking and maple syrup treats!

Spring into health with proper rest! It is so easy to spend our last hours/minutes awake on our phones, tablets or tvs. Since the intense backlighting of electronics triggers chemicals in the brain that tell your body it is time to be awake, try turning them off ONE HOUR before going to be for a better night’s rest. Grab a book, cuddle with your partner or write in your gratitude journal to unwind before lights out!

And finally…

Spring into health with proper nerve supply! Subluxations can sneak up on you and you don’t have to be in pain to have a problem. Keep on track with your chiropractic care plan and get your regular adjustments to make sure that your brain is clearly communicating with EVERY part of your body as it should be!

Have an awesome week and I look forward to seeing you all soon,
Yours in health,
Dr. Martin