REFORM News – Chiropractic and weight loss?

We are now just over three weeks into the New Year! For those of you who started this year
with a fresh list of goals and resolutions (and maybe some carryover ones from last year), how
are you guys doing? Are you still on track? Or are you struggling to break old habits and reset
your focus and energy towards where you really want to go? Either way, stay tuned for next
week’s newsletter as Kailey is going to be sharing some awesome tips, tricks and strategies to
stay on track all year long.

Since we are on the topic of resolutions, the number one resolution that people tend to make
relates to their diet and weight. This makes sense, given the fact that Statistics Canada is
reporting that in 2015, 61% of Canadians were overweight or obese. To me, this statistic is
terrifying as this means that 6 in 10 Canadians are most definitely not living their healthiest and
happiest lives!

I am not an expert on diet or exercise, so my only advice there is to eat healthy, drink lots of
water, move your body as much as you can and get sleep!

I will however share my expertise on how good spinal health is essential to being your healthiest
self, and this includes helping you reach and maintain your weight, fitness and athletic
performance goals. Did you know that every single NFL team has a chiropractor on staff to keep
their athletes at the top of their game? Tiger Woods, Venus Williams, Michael Jordan, Tom
Brady (to name a few) have all shared (and raved) about how regular chiropractic adjustments
are integral to their ability to be #1 in their respective sports. According to the American
Chiropractic Association, approximately 90% of all world-class athletes use chiropractic care to
prevent injuries and increase their performance potential!

Now, even if you don’t have dreams of being a pro athlete, I know that many of you do have
very specific fitness goals, including strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and weight loss. How on
earth are you supposed to make healthy food and fitness choices if you are in pain, have limited
mobility and no energy? If your spine is not in alignment and your nervous system is unable to
communicate freely with your body – your brain, joints and muscles are no longer working to
support you. You are not going to be jumping out of bed, grabbing a healthy breakfast and
hitting the gym – you are probably going to hit the snooze button, take some pain medication
and make less than ideal food choices.

Regular chiropractic adjustments ensure that your spine is in proper alignment (and subluxation
free) and your nervous is functioning at an optimal level making sure your brain and body are in
perfect communication. This means your energy levels will be higher and your body will be
primed to support you in all the healthy choices that you make.
Whatever your goals are, my job is to make sure your body is structurally, functionally and
neurologically functional from the inside out. I love my job and feel very grateful that I get to
support so many of you on your journeys to optimal health!

I hope you all have a great week and please share this newsletter with anyone who would
benefit from learning more about spinal health and how to live their best lives!

Dr. Martin