RE:FORM News – Renovate your body as you would your home!

Now that Baby Nate has arrived and we are all getting settled into a routine, Kailey and I are facing our next big adventure… We just took possession of our new house and we move at the end of June!

Before we can move in, there are some extensive renovations to be done – mainly structural and foundation work in the basement. Kailey and I agree that putting so much time and money into such an unglamourous reno isn’t very rewarding. Kailey especially would prefer to update the kitchen, paint, do some landscaping – all projects where you can appreciate the improved esthetic on a regular basis. However, we both agree that unless our house sits on a solid and healthy foundation, it doesn’t really matter what else we do to it… it will be a ticking time bomb for future disaster.

This conversation is what inspired me to write the post below… as our investment in the foundation of our new home if exactly what we also need to do with our bodies.

Much like a house foundation – you can’t actually see your spine! You can however, feel the effects of its structural function and unless you know what your spinal problems are, you may never uncover the source of your health issues. Foundational structural problems show up as symptoms elsewhere in the body.

Here’s a house example: Water in the basement causes cracks in the walls, or causes doors to warp so they don’t close properly anymore. These are symptomatic effects of something you can’t see. A body example would be: subluxations in your spine are not visible but headaches, back pain, digestive issues, etc etc are all very tangible symptoms of a nervous system.

The health of your nervous system relies on the structural integrity of your spine just like the health of our home will depend on the structural integrity of its foundation!

All this to say, maintaining your spinal health may not be as fun or glamorous as working on your physique at the gym and you may not see immediate effects in the mirror, but it is your foundation and is the most important health investment you can make!

Have an amazing week!
Yours in health,
Dr Martin