The Nervous System

Remember the last time you blew a fuse at home? You were probably running late, trying to do too many things and then all of a sudden – bam – the hairdryer stopped… the microwave stopped and the lights went out. Until moments like this we don’t think about the complex electrical system in our home and how it is working 24/7 behind the scenes to keep everything functioning and running smoothly.

Now, I want to turn your attention to your nervous system as this is the ‘electric system’ of your body. Your nervous system health is critical and integral to EVERY other aspect of your health – I am not exaggerating or being dramatic – this is just fact.

Every single organ, gland, tissue and cell in your body is plugged into your nervous system so every aspect of your health depends on how well your nervous system communicates with every single cell in your body.

Here is a brief anatomy lesson for you:

The nervous system can be broken down into 3 parts: the brain and brainstem, the spinal cord and the exiting nerves (33 pairs of exiting nerves that connect to every single organ, gland and tissue in the body). Information flows from the brain/brainstem, down the spinal cord and through your exiting nerves. In order for your body to be in optimal health, information needs to flow freely between your brain and all parts of your body without interference (pressure, stress, tension on the spinal cord or nerves).

Pressure and stress develop in a nervous system when the spine starts getting shifted out of its normal position. This is called a ‘subluxation’ and it starts distorting your nervous system immediately.

You may associate spinal issues with aging, but it is really important to note that subluxations (and spinal stress) can start as early as birth! The birthing process itself can be quite traumatic and every person experiences slips falls and other injuries through their toddler and childhood years! Then, in addition to all the trauma we put our bodies through during our teenage and adult years, we also start to spend hours upon hours at a time sitting at a desk or computer which wreaks havoc on our posture and spinal health. And this doesn’t even take into account the detrimental health effects the ‘smartphone era’ is having on every single person with a cellphone.

The first step to optimal health is for each person to have their spine assessed to check for subluxations and to ensure their nervous system is flowing freely. This is exactly what I do as a Chiropractor at RE:FORM – I check the position and integrity of people’s spines and assess for subluxations and other issues. I use this information to determine if they are a candidate for the specialized type of corrective care I deliver at RE:FORM Body Clinic. Removing subluxations and restoring the information flow between brain and body allows me to deliver true life changing healthcare to my patients.