Dr. Martin Zollinger

They say to be a good teacher, you need to be a student first. Well to become a good chiropractor Dr. Zollinger was a patient first (and still is !)

From his teenage years on, as the toll on his body as a professional cyclist was becoming evident, Dr. Zollinger sought out chiropractors that could keep him in top form. His quest for improvement in health and performance is what influenced his decision to study exercise science at the University of British Columbia. Following this Dr. Zollinger become a Doctor of chiropractic, graduating from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

This ingrained passion for learning keeps Dr. Zollinger on the innovative edge of all things in the fields of healthcare and chiropractic.

The proud father of three boys – Otis, Ian and Miles, Dr. Zollinger with his wife and office manager, Kailey, practice what they preach. With their full lives they enjoy the many benefits of a healthy chiropractic lifestyle together, and have the energy to stay fit through cycling, running, triathlons, downhill and cross country skiing.

‘Our vision is to partner with our patients to create healthier, happier lives through caring, family-based, extraordinary chiropractic care.’Dr. Martin Zollinger

All adjustments are performed by Dr. Martin Zollinger.

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