RE:FORM News #10—June is Headache Awareness Month!

Did you know that there are 4 major types of headaches? Did you also know that spinal misalignment leading to pressure on nerves (subluxation) can be a direct or indirect cause of all of them?

• Migraines are commonly the result of dysfunction of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve has its nucleus (nerve center) extending into the spinal cord down to the neck level to the level as low as the C5 vertebrae.
• Tension Headaches originate from improperly functioning muscles in the neck.
• Cluster Headaches form a nerve irritation that goes to meningeal tissue (brain wrapping).
• Cariogenic Headaches arise from dysfunction in neck joints.

There has been a lot of amazing research conducted that examines the positive and healing effect chiropractic care has on headache sufferers.

One study published in the Journal of Verbal Subluxation Research focused on patients with chronic migraines (but also reviewed 100 cases of patients with other types of headaches). This study concluded that chiropractic care had an 87% success rate regarding headache resolution and reduction in rate of suffering (pain).

Another study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics discovered that less than 30% of chronic migraine sufferers receive chiropractic care. However, those that do reported a 90% reduction in migraines and more than half said they’d experienced a significant reduction in the severity of their headaches.

Another publication by Dr. Kya Sung, noted that “medication will treat the pain but you need to deal with the underlying causes.” Dr. Sung also observed that 90% of migraine sufferers reported a stiff and sore neck due to subluxation.

All of this research is so exciting for me because it means that I have the privilege of helping so many headache sufferers get out of pain, and get their life back!

I am confident that in the recent past, someone from your circle of friends, family or colleagues has complained to you about having a headache and I bet some of them have even commented that this is a regular occurrence. I want you all to know that having a headache is NOT NORMAL and WE NEED TO HELP THEM!

Forward them this newsletter today and for the rest of June they will get a compete examination (including x-rays if needed) for only $40.

This is our gift to them from you.

I adjust the spine – your body does the healing – and that’s how it is!