RE:FORM News #11—Birthdays are good for your health!

Hi everyone!

I am now writing to all of you one year older (and hopefully a little wiser) as it was my birthday last week. Every year on my birthday I go for a run, it is my time to reflect on my past year and think about my goals, dreams and wishes for the year ahead. Last year I was only 2 weeks postpartum so my birthday run was more like a walk/shuffle, but this year I was back in business and I went out for a beautiful 6am trail run as the sun was rising over the Gatineau river! THANK YOU Martin for watching all the kids while also getting them ready for school while also getting ready to go to work.

During my run I thought about my goals, dreams and wishes for this and future years… only one world kept coming to mind: Health.

I am healthy, my family is healthy, my beautiful one year old baby is healthy and thriving! I know how lucky I am to be able to say this and I don’t take it for granted. All I want going forward is to protect and maintain my health and that of my loved ones as much as possible. I know that anything can happen so the only thing I can do is appreciate each day and do everything I can to lead a healthy life and raise my children in a healthy way.

This means my goals are to continue to eat healthy, get regular exercise and to work harder at managing my stress (I am trying to learn to meditate!). I am also committed to getting regular adjustments and I am going to keep encouraging my family who I love to do the same!

They say that most people don’t appreciated their health until they lose it, but I am trying to be the exception to that rule! And isn’t it awesome that getting regular chiropractic adjustments is such a natural and easy way to continue to protect and maintain our health?

This year there were four generations of healthy McLachlans around the table at my birthday dinner. My birthday wish is to be able to do the same thing next year and for years to come!

I hope you all have a great week and have a happy and healthy Canada Day weekend!