RE:FORM News #12—If you ask yourself one question; ask yourself this…

Does this decision I am about to make support or take away from my goal of living a long and healthy life?

This question that we should constantly be asking ourselves supports the concept of stewardship – of our bodies and health. Owning a body for 80 or 90 years comes with an awesome responsibility – it is up to us to fiercely protect and care for our bodies through making healthy choices (food, weight, exercise, etc).

At some point we will all be put in a situation where our only priority is our health and we will reflect on the choices we have made leading up to that moment. Do we want to be proud or regretful of the choices we have made? This is something that I am very passionate about and something that I talk about during my weekly Doctor’s Reports.

The fact is, when we start making positive changes in our lives, we can look back and see how these changes have had a positive effect on our health and quality of life. If we do not choose to make positive life changes or to shift bad habits, when we look back, we will not like what we see. We will only have ourselves to blame for our declining state of health and quality of life.

I don’t believe that there is ever a point when restoring health (or making better health choices) will be easier, so I am a big advocate of doing it now! For my kids, for my spouse, for my patients! Just ask any of my patients who send me a weekly accountability email – from stopping smoking, to losing weight, to starting exercise – they know that I don’t wait for tomorrow – as there may not be a tomorrow – and they are committed to doing the same. In these weekly check ins I ask them to let me know how their lifesaving changes are going and support them on their journey.

As a doctor, every day I see patients come into the clinic facing challenges and often these health challenges do not just affect that patient, they affect everyone around them. It is heartbreaking to see grandparents or parents in a state of health that means they cannot interact with their children or grandchildren in the way they would like.

So today is the day – to start making positive change in your life and encouraging your loved ones to do the same! Send them this email and have them call Nancy or Emily now to book in for a consultation with me. I am dedicated to helping all your loved ones be the healthiest children, partners, parents, grandparents they can be! Let me meet with them and teach them how chiropractic care can be an integral part of a long, happy and healthy life.

Stay tuned for next week’s newsletter where I continue to talk about stewardship and focus on how to start teaching this concept to the most important generation – all our amazing kids! !

Until next week!
Yours in health,
Dr. Martin Zollinger