RE:FORM News #2—How you end your day determines how you start your day…

08Does this statement seem backward to you? Every coach and mentor that I have met has always stressed the importance of starting my day well. That early mornings thoughts, actions and intentions set the stage for the rest of the day. They are right and I fully agree that the rituals that begin your day mark your life!

However, have you ever thought about how you end your day? Could this have an important and positive impact on living a successful, healthy and happy life? I believe it does!

Think about it: If you end your day by watching the news and hearing stories of war, murder, crime and terror, there will be a portion of your brain that will continue to think about these things throughout the night. What about if you end your day dealing with stressful work emails or tackling your to do list? How can you have a truly restful/restorative night’s sleep with disturbing or stressful thoughts playing through your subconscious? You can’t, no matter how hard you try! The imprint has been made and the brain will continue to process this stuff during the time of day when we are supposed to be healing, growing and recharging.

How you end the day sets you up for how you begin the next. If you have had a stressful night’s rest, you will not wake up refreshed and at your best to face the day ahead. So how could you ever get up before light to take time for you: to read a book, exercise, meditate, get focused, set your intention for the day? You can’t! And I have learned that if I don’t start my day right, then for the rest of my day I am ‘off’ and struggle to make the positive choices that align with my goals.

So to recap: The success of your morning – and your day – is completely dependent on your bedtime rituals. So pick up that encouraging book, tuck away your electronics, spend time with a loved one, meditate and give thanks. Whatever you do, make it positive and set yourself up to start each day filled with passion, drive, intention and love!