RE:FORM News #8—Life can change in an instant…You only have this one day

Life can change in an instant…You only have this one day

When you look back over your life it is easy to see the dots in time where you made decisions that made you end up where you are today. It is impossible to look forward and anticipate where you will be or what choices you will make down the road as we have no idea what life may bring.

Here is some amazing news!!! You have complete power and control right now to make the decisions for your future self. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week or next New Year’s resolution. Every decision you make can move you closer to life or death. Do you want fries or salad… coke or water… run or Netflix?

Assessing, restoring, preserving and promoting health is what I do and I feel honored to do it.

The truth of the matter is the vast majority of people under 30 are not surrounded by sick or suffering people and they are probably going to more weddings than funerals. So really preserving health is not at the forefront of their minds. Next time you see a young person in the clinic give them a smile and introduce yourself, as they have had a light bulb go off early in life and that’s amazing!
In our 40’s 50’s and 60’s, we are learning that ignoring our health for decades will catch up with us and it becomes increasingly difficult to restore our health and live life at our fullest potential.

So your inspiration for today is to start now! Wherever your health is at this moment, we could all be doing better! Pick an area to improve and take the first step. As an example my wife Kailey and I made a commitment to start eating better and this started TODAY! We have been traveling a lot over the past few weeks and regardless of how many healthy snacks we packed, we also ate out and did not stick to our usual clean eating routine.

We will all be on our deathbed one day and at that moment we will have two choices:

To look back on our life after having smoked a pack a day and have regrets… to look back after having eating McDonalds three times a week and have regrets… OR…

To look back on our life and be able to truly say that we worked hard to maximize our lives during our short time on this planet and that we did our best to do all the right things: sought healthy alternatives, exercised, got adjusted regularly, tried our best to minimize drugs and surgery.

Let today be a dot in time for you… the moment where you were inspired to take action and take positive steps towards living the healthiest life we can!