RE:FORM News #9—A gift for you and your Dad!

A gift for you and your Dad!

Father’s Day is only a few days away and to honor all the dads out there, I would like to give you (and your dad) a gift! See the end of this newsletter for details…

I know many of us have a long and storied history with our fathers. I do and it includes a lot of disappointment, hurt and anger, and I feel this is a story that many people can relate to. The impact of a relationship with a parent is monumental and with trauma such as divorce or death, our world can fall out from under our feet.

When this happens it is easy to lose faith. First and foremost, we lose faith in that person…bigger than that we can lose faith in the structure and stability of life. And if our world falls out from under us, it is easy to stop seeing the adventure, opportunity and joy that exists. We don’t pursue things because we don’t have faith and have lost the faith and confidence that life will work out as it should.

This concept is not just linked to our relationship with a parent, it relates to anything that has happened to us in life that has caused stress, caused our world to fall out from under your feet or caused us to lose faith (illness, death, divorce, betrayal…) When we lose faith we start making choices that don’t put our best future self in mind. As hard as it is to do, it is important to recognize when this happens and to make the hard choice to let go, heal and move forward. It is easy to look back and realize that we are where we are because of our past, however the past is just that – PAST – it is gone. All we have is today and our future so it is so important to make choices that set us up to be our best selves now and going forward. This is also how we make sure to teach our children how to be the best (and happiest) they can be; this is the legacy we leave.

So how does this tie in with Chiropractic care? Very simply Chiropractic is an amazing life changing way to get healthy and stay healthy. Everyone has stress locked in their spine, everyone develops subtle dislocations called subluxations that when left unchecked wears out your physical self and more importantly subluxations distort the nervous system leading to worse health.

My Father’s Day gift to all of you is to offer your fathers a complimentary consultation at the clinic. We want our dads to live long, healthy lives and this is a gift to help make sure that happens! The gift for you will be a happier and healthier dad to enjoy for years to come!

Have a great week and Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!

Dr. Martin