RE:FORM Newsletter #15 — Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have…

Today I don’t want to talk about what we don’t have – which is where we all tend to trend with our thoughts – instead I want to talk about shifting our focus to what we do have even though our natural tendency may not be to focus on all the abundance and positive things in our lives.

Recently I was given a great exercise – to complete the following two statements by filling in the blanks:
I don’t have enough ______
I am not ________ enough

I think everyone will find something to populate the above two blanks – and you can take a minute to fill out yours.

Now, look at what you put in the two blank spots and think about what these words represent. They are most likely areas of your life where you may not be truly happy or fulfilled. I am not powerful enough may mean that you are not getting the thanks and recognition you need in your life or job. I do not have enough free time may mean that your current work life balance is a little out of whack. The tricky thing is, it is impossible to achieve true happiness as a person when there are areas of your life that do not bring you happiness.

So, what to do with this information? I propose that we switch our thinking around – that we accept that nobody is perfect and that our lives will always have room for improvement. We should look at these areas for improvement as opportunities for learning, growth, and change. Instead of focusing on a lack of power/recognition, focus on all that you bring to the table and look at new ways to be challenged and show off your awesome talents and abilities. Instead of lamenting that there are not enough hours in the day, prioritize what you do and focus on doing things that truly make you happy.

I believe it is so much more important to properly manage what you have – with gratitude and grace – instead of constantly wanting more.

Most relevant to my life and practice is how you manage what you have regarding your health. We all have strengths and weaknesses in our health, so how do you put a finger on where to put effort and intensity in taking care of your body? Take the two questions I asked you above and this time answer them with your health in mind… your answers will help guide you towards where you should put effort into achieving and maintaining your awesome health potential!

This is also something that I can help you with. You may not know this, but in my role as a Doctor in healthcare, I am not looking for sickness or illness in my patients, I am working with them to help them find out where they can improve their health to reach their new potential! I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from an assessment at RE:FORM so they could learn more about their health and where there is room for improvement. At RE:FORM we use a wellness metric when assessing our patients: How healthy is your body? How healthy is your nervous system (the master controller!)? When assessing these areas, I am not looking for symptoms of disease, instead I flag when these health metrics fall outside of the normal healthy range.

So the whole point of this newsletter is to ask you to start looking at your life – and health – in a different way! Do the exercise above, look at your answers and use those areas of life and health as jumping off points to a happier and healthier you! I think you will notice a theme in my recent newsletters… Life is not about crash diets, drastic decisions and extreme measures… it is about making sure that every choice you make leads you to your goals!

You may not be able to change the world around you but you sure can change the world within you! You can change your world with each choice you make! How empowering and amazing is that?

I want to help as many people as I can understand the power of their choices – especially how they relate to their health! I want to share testing and wellness and health from my perspective with everyone! My whole family is under care, I have been under care since I was a late teen and it is amazing! It is amazing to cherish your health with every decision you make! Get your adjustments, measure disturbances in health and your nervous system and make sure your body is operating at maximum capacity!