RE:FORM Newsletter #18 – Is there such thing as too much fun? …YES!

Summer is my favorite season – the days are less structured, the weather is amazing and there are endless opportunities to play outside, head to the cottage, go for ice cream with the kids, have an impromptu BBQ with friends. These activities are wonderful and cherished but they can also knock us of our healthy course!

Summer, as well as the Christmas Season, are the two most dangerous times of year from a health perspective. This is when there is the highest amount of physical, chemical and emotional trauma to the body. Just a little more food… a few more drinks… a few more snoozes on the alarm clock… these choices easily shift us away from our long term health goals. All of a sudden we are exercising less, spending more money on unhealthy habits and slowly getting off track. This is probably why September and January are two of the busiest times at the gym – as everyone scrambles to ‘get back on track!’

My challenge to all of us this week is to get started early! If you are on track congrats to you! If summer fun starting to take a toll – here are some tips to slightly shift your course so you can kick off fall, back to school, and ‘back to reality’ from a strong and healthy place!

1. Make EXERCISE, HEALTHY FOOD and regular ADJUSTMENTS a priority in your life – schedule these things in before anything else.
2. EVERY DAY spend time training your SPIRIT, SOUL and BODY!
3. Make solid WEEKLY and MONTHLY plans of your schedule.
4. Share your plan with someone, they will keep you accountable.
5. Set goals (sign up for a race, etc) and share them with someone.
6. Make a reward for achievement, if you meet the goal-enjoy it, if not-give it away to your accountability partner.

Remember! “Health is the accumulative result of all actions of your life!”

Before I sign off – I have a few housekeeping items to address this week…

First – you may have noticed that the clinic is undergoing some repair this week. We had a major flood on the weekend and are working as hard as we can to remain business as usual as we clean everything up. I take so much pride in having a beautiful and professional clinic and it is hard for me to see the clinic any less than perfect. Please bear with us as we work hard to make RE:FORM better than ever!

Second – Summer is drawing to a close and before it is over I am going to take a few days off to spend some quality time with my family. I will be put to the test to stay on track with my health goals while I bike, hike, swim and indulge in treats with my wife and boys. As such, the clinic will be closed on Wednesday August 31 and Thursday September 1st. All adjustments will be moved to Monday August 29th and Tuesday August 30th.

Have a healthy week and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Dr. Martin Zollinger