RE:FORM Newsletter #19 – Holidays and Homework?

Holidays and Homework?

It is a true joy to see people making choices that lead them down a path towards greater health. And it is so inspiring to see people continuing to choose health even when life makes those healthy choices difficult. I celebrate these choices every day when I serve my amazing patients at RE:FORM Body Clinic.

As many of you know, I am closing the clinic for a few days next week to take a long overdue summer vacation with my family. This is my time to reflect and recharge and come back to you a happier and healthier doctor!

While I am away, I am leaving you all with a little homework 🙂 To read and reflect upon the following principles of health and chiropractic – these principles are will only serve to reinforce how regular chiropractic adjustments are an integral part of a healthy life and they are the reasons why I believe so strongly in what I do.

Principle #1: The power that made the body heals the body! There is no other way!

Principle #2: Adjustments work all the time, every time! When we experience some signals/symptoms that tell us our body is out of sorts (low back pain, breathing difficulties, constipation, etc) an adjustment works to help restore ‘order’ to the body. What about when we have no symptoms? Adjustments work even better when we are well because they improve your health by removing interference and allowing your Innate Intelligence to make you even stronger by allocating energy towards better function.

Principle #3: Our bodies’ Innate Intelligence is ultimately more intelligent than any educated mind. Even though adjustments differ from doctor to doctor, they work in exactly the same way – by the same principle! And neither adjustment nor doctor are healing us – our bodies are doing the healing through the Innate Intelligence that each of our bodies’ possess.

Principle #4: Adjustments are unique to each person and their individual state. Doctors deliver adjustments based on specific, scientific analysis and based on the pattern of subluxation. Even-though we are all structured similarly, life has a unique effect on every one of us due to different lifestyles, occupations, family dynamics and certainly different perceptions and responses on our life stressors. Therefore, every single adjustment is important, unique and personalized.

Principle #5: Subluxation is a “silent killer!” Like many other dangerous conditions, we don’t feel them until they produce tragic results and often are catastrophic. We may not ever feel spinal subluxation, we can only feel its negative effects and usually for a long time after.

Principle #6: Chiropractors are health coaches. We provide guidance and care for people – helping them to stay well. Our role goes above and beyond delivering adjustments, we empower our patients to live healthy lives.

Principled Chiropractors are working for you and we have only one agenda item – to keep you well as long as possible so you can reach your health and life potential! We are driven by your long term health results and rather than a quick fix. We understand that you can’t buy health! You can only preserve it by investing in yourself and your healthy future.

Principle #7: Never make your health decisions based on circumstances, emotions or finances. This leads down a road of chaos and sickness! Always make your health choices with a sound mind and with your long term health goals in mind.

Have a healthy week and I look forward to sharing my next newsletter with you in two weeks following my family vacation!