RE:FORM Newsletter #20 – How Late is Too Late? How Early is Too Early?

Over the past ten years, I have had people walk into my clinic in different states of health and of all ages (from 8 to 80+!) and regardless of age or stage of health, everyone is looking for answers. People are typically stuck with an illness, injury or a condition that they cannot fix and they need help.

So for the people surrounding you who are not under regular chiropractic care, I would LOVE you to think about this… regular chiropractic care is an important part of life… just like massage therapy, drinking lots of water, eating well and regular exercise.

In terms of wellness and optimal healthcare, did you know that I regularly refer my patients to massage and yoga? At every stage of life I encourage and mentor people on how to own a healthy body for 80 or 90 years. When I refer my patients to yoga, it is to increase their body awareness, flexibility, balance and symmetry. I refer to RMT because there are countless health benefits: reduced scar tissue, increased pliability, increased circulation, some forced downtime while on the table, to name a few…

I also know how integral regular chiropractic care is to a healthy life and if someone is not receiving regular chiropractic care, you have to wonder why?

As a Doctor, I go so deep into each patient’s health: I monitor and test the central nervous system tension (that’s HRV), I use Electromyography (EMG) for muscle tension, and most importantly thermography (Thermal) to identify spinal subluxation – stress and misalignments in your spine.

If your spine is misaligned it will degenerate much faster. This is because (and I am going to get technical here) you are distorting the ligament, tendon, joint capsule and disc, and you develop both inflammation and toxic movement patterns.

More importantly than the physical spine wearing out is the effect that spinal subluxation has on your nervous system. This tension affects the nervous system which is the master controller of the body. And if you do not understand this already, this is the underpinning of true chiropractic healthcare. The goal is to keep your nervous system at zero tension so it can heal, regulate, regenerate, and truly look after your body as it was designed to do from birth to death.

If you value health and wants ways to preserve your health (a gentle reminder that we only get one spine!) then regular adjustments to clear spinal subluxation need to be part of your healthcare regime.

So I challenge you this: If you understand this about chiropractic care and you understand why you are coming here for regular adjustments, then I challenge you to share this knowledge with others. The goal is to refer one person to RE:FORM Body Clinic each week this September. Help people kick off the fall with their health (including regular chiropractic care) as priority #1.

Every single person I meet wants better health, 100% say yes to increasing their level of health – so go out of your way and send them in for an assessment – it is never too early – but it is heartbreaking to tell someone that it is too late!

Have a healthy week and I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Yours in health,
Dr. Martin Zollinger