RE:FORM Newsletter #24 – What is Healthcare?

For this week’s newsletter, I would like you to open your minds and hearts to a different model of healthcare in order for you to experience transformational change.

I received so much positive feedback from the newsletter I wrote on symptom-based medicine, so I thought I would expand upon it this week!

Everything from plaque on your teeth, to heart disease, to spinal decay, are all examples of long, slow, painless processes that happen slowly in the body until one day there are symptoms. Then some crisis happens and that’s when we go running for help!

It is our responsibility to manage our health, but I am not placing blame anyone for the fact that this is the model most of us live in. This is the model that our parents grew up with and that we were raised with: every time there was a crisis, a symptom, an issue that our parents couldn’t help with – off to the doctor we went!I The doctor would always have a solution – which was typically a pill or a referral to another doctor that would then medicate.

Understandably, it is very easy to get comfortable with this model for two reasons:
1 – The Doctor always has an answer and;
2 – You get this answer in a time of fear and uncertainty, bringing comfort. The Doctor saves the day!

Because the model is comfortable and easy – it makes sense that we stay in this pattern – that we keep using this model.

However, now it is time to stop and shift to a different, healthier and more sustainable model.
We have had the privilege of meeting and I have had the honour of teaching you about the true principles of healthcare, not sick care: how to own your body, spine and nervous system with integrity, compassion and stewardship. How to take care of your body so it can serve you for 80 or 90 years!

The secret to long term health is simple – it is to take care of your body!
Manage and monitor stress and tension;
Deal with stress and tension in your muscles;
Deal with stress and subluxation in your spine; and
Deal with the stress that settles and affects your heart.

We measure all of these at RE:FORM Body clinic using Insight technology. I work with each of my patients to lead them back to health through amazing restorative health care. Our goal at the clinic is to get you to your best health and then keep you there! We want you to remain subluxation free for life, as anywhere there is spinal interference, or nervous system interference, your spine will break down and your nerves will be affected.

It is completely up to you how healthy you want to be. If you are ready and committed – I am there to support you on this amazing journey!

Have a healthy week and I look forward to seeing you soon,
Happy Thanksgiving!
Yours in health,

Dr. Martin Zollinger