RE:FORM Newsletter #26 – What is your picture? Average or Normal-Extraordinary?

Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in you.
(Bill Hybels)

What is your picture? Average or Normal-Extraordinary?

Here is a picture of the Average Human Life:
You will live less than 80 years
Most will die suffering from disease
½ of those diseases will be heart disease
⅓ of those diseases will be cancer
½ of women will have a hysterectomy before age 55
By 65 years of age, most will be taking approximately 13 different prescription drugs

Here is a picture of an Extraordinary Human Life under lifelong chiropractic care:
Healthy, vibrant life potential of 80 to 100 years!
Will have fewer ear infections, colds, flu and better immune system function
Will have healthier senior years and will drastically reduce the rate of heart disease (as much as 15x lower)
Cancer rates may be as close to 100x less (survey done in January 2000, Chicago)
Less asthma
Less diabetes
Less kidney failure and less liver problems

Now, what future picture you would rather have?

Your nervous system is the master system of the body and is responsible for the control, function and healing of every cell, organ and tissue in the body!

Chiropractic adjustments positively affect nervous system function and your principled, specific and regular chiropractic adjustments will RADICALLY IMPROVE your future through nervous system function optimization.

I know what I would like my future to look like! A picture of my future is to be at my grandchildren’s weddings, in great health and enjoying every moment! Then after that, watching my great grandchildren grow up! I know I will never get there if I don’t keep getting adjusted each week… I can run 100 marathons, eat a vegetarian diet, take the greatest supplements and have the best relationships… but if my spine is degenerating and my nervous system is in distress, I won’t live to see that picture develop. Regular, principled and specific chiropractic adjustments will keep my nervous system healthy and help me achieve my future dreams!

Everyone deserves a great picture! Keep getting adjusted and if anyone questioning your decision, just share your vision with them and ask them what would they choose, Average or Extraordinary?

Chiropractic families are the healthiest families on the planet! This is Normal but Extraordinary!

Make an informed choice, and the choice is yours! I already made mine.
Have a healthy week!
Dr. Martin