The Resonance of Healing

In physics, resonance occurs when an object vibrating at a specific rate transfers its frequency to a second object as the two approximate each other. Think of a still tuning fork taking on the vibration of another as they are brought closer in proximity. A similar transfer of ‘energy’ happens in healing environments.
When a sick individual seeks HEALTH in a place of sickness the unfortunate result may be more sickness – the negative vibration of the environment amplifying within the individual searching for help.
If a sick individual, on the other hand, seeks health in environments that vibrate HEALTH energy, syncing and resonating with that place usually produces a HEALTHY response. You slowly take on the environment you surround yourself with…namely HEALTH.
Logically, if you want more HEALTH, it’s smarter to ‘align’ yourself with environments that emit that frequency. A good place to start is at your Chiropractor’s office… we fully radiate with HEALTH ENERGY!