The Rest of the Family

Mommy loves going to the Chiropractor. Ever since she’s started, we’ve seen a huge change in her. She used to get headaches every day, but now she rarely gets them. Daddy notices that Mommy sleeps through the night more often now and she wakes up in a much happier mood. She’s even doing more around the house and spending more time with us reading, playing and just being a great mom.

Mommy told us when she goes to the Chiropractor they check her for something called a Subluxation. They check her spine to see if she needs to get worked on. When she does they do something called an Adjustment to fix her. Mommy’s been the healthiest she’s been in a long time. We’re all so happy for her and we love having our Mommy back. But we have one question,

With Mommy doing so well, we wonder if going to the Chiropractor could help us too. Daddy’s always sore after work and he has to take more and more medicine for his back pain. We all want to be healthy like Mommy so maybe the Chiropractor can help us and dad too!