RE:FORM Body clinic is not just another chiropractic office, rather we are a community of passionate people who are dedicated to promoting optimal health through the true principles of chiropractic care.

RE:FORM Body Clinic is in the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa. Our clinic is designed to be happy, healthy, and an energizing place where patients will feel at home.

We have been providing premier chiropractic services to the Ottawa community for over a decade!

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If you are online seeking a chiropractor, there is a good chance you are dealing with one or some of the most common conditions we see; headaches, neck pain upper or mid back pain, or low back pain. Pain is not normal – it is a signal from your body that something is wrong and needs your attention!

Pain Relief:

Many people come to RE:FORM Body Clinic because they are in pain and their primary goal is pain relief. Therefore, this is where we start! During our comprehensive exam, Doctors report and individualized report of findings, we have several goals:

  • Discover the underlying cause of the health issue
  • Prescribe a care plan that will produce the fastest results possible
  • Educate patients on how they can participate in their recovery
  • Educate patients on the value of post-symptomatic wellness care

Wellness Care:

We are committed to teaching our patients that maintaining optimal health is a lifelong journey. We will explain the value of ongoing chiropractic care. Our goal is to see practice members abandon the ‘sickness care model of health’ (waiting for symptoms/pain and then taking action) in favour of a true health care. Health is our most valuable possession and should be part of every decision you make.

Regardless of your health goals, we are committed to helping you achieve them. You are the boss! It is your body, your health and your future. Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible and to empower you with information.

‘At RE:FORM Body Clinic we are dedicated to helping our patients live pain free. Our dream is to be able to serve you beyond the pain. We want for you to experience what a healthy spine and nervous system feels like; don’t accept a day of feeling any other way!Dr. Zollinger and the RE:FORM Team
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